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Every man Needs a Slut….Book?

All men have different types but what do they mainly look for in a mate? Are looks the only thing women have to go on to win a man? What qualities do men really desire? Many men are pigs but gentlemen do exist and they don’t scout for lust. A man looks for specific qualities when choosing a girlfriend.

Not every man wants a slut. Tight clothes, promiscuous attitudes, and sex anytime works on men under thirty and all others who enjoy living without morals. A gentleman has deeper interest below all exteriors. A soul is more valuable to him than sex. Not every many wants a slut with no class and character.

Beauty always wins extra points but only for initial reaction. We are all capable of being beautiful with makeup and the material things but personality shows even more. When you meet someone who has touched you life for their bravery and struggles, don’t you look at them with far more adoration than when you first met them? Beauty comes from within. Not every man wants a slut who’s empty inside.

Confidence helps inner beauty be seen. When you feel beautiful and sexy, others see it. Confidence allows you to be free, smile, and walk proud. Suddenly you own the room to talk to anyone and spread that beautiful energy around the room. Feel good about who you are. Makeup is fine as long as it doesn’t cover up the real you or conceal you real looks. Not every man wants a slut looking for sex and paid drinks.

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